Registration Information

An executive meeting will be announced some time in February. Registration dates and fees will be decided at this meeting, as well as possible workbee dates and work to be done in the year. At the end of February (usually) is the Renewal Registration and at the end of March is usually when we welcome new members to register.
Location: Usually at Stoney Creek Elementary.

Workbee Dates & Events

A workbee is a time, usually on the weekend, where members get together to work and to have fun. We schedule the workbees at an executive meeting and have members sign up during the registration process.

Our main focus for the next two years (2000-2001) will be to replace the rotting wood around the plots with a unique recycled plastic beam, which is supposed to last a lifetime! (See website for more information on this product.)

Workbee Date

Workbee Event

Sat. June 7th

Workbee 10 am to 12

Fri. June 20th

Meeting @ Gazebo

Sun. June 22nd


Wed. Sept. 10th

Evening of
potatoes. Open to all

Sun. Sept 14th

Workbee 3 to 5 pm

Sat. Sept 21st

Workbee 10 to 12

Tues, Sept.23

United Way Workbee

Sat. Sept 27th
Sun. Sept 28th

Workbees: Begin to
overturn potatoe plots

Sat. Oct 11th

Overturn residential plots

Sat. Nov 1st

Last day to overturn
residential plots