Gardening Tips

General Gardening Tips

Don’t plant or harvest potatoes in the sunshine. Do this on a cloudy day, or else your potatoes will develop green spots, which are inedible.

To prevent blight on tomatoes, water them from the ground and if any water gets on the leaves, make sure you shake it off. Some kind of a shelter (made out of plastic) helps protect the plants.

Use pot scrubbers (by cutting out the middle section) around plants to deter slugs from eating your crop. It really works!

Use 4 or 5 layers of newspaper and cut grass clippings or hay before seeding (cut holes in newspaper when ready to seed). This method cuts down on weeds. Another method is to use black garbage bags, which help heat up the soil and kill unwanted bugs.

Worm Composting Tips

Too much moisture causes a mass exodus of worms from the bin (add shredded dry newspaper).

A drip tray is often recommended, but we find a section of newspaper under each bin is sufficient.

Keep the food scraps covered before and after you put them in the bin to deter insect outbreaks.

A tablespoon of finely crushed egg shells should be added every week.

If your bin smells, you’ve likely added too much food.

Citrus peels take a long time to decompose: limit their addition to the bin.

Never add meat, dairy or breads.

Chop up or blend food scraps for faster consumption.

For more information on worm composting please visit our worm composting page.